Centre for Counselling and Health Services


The Centre for Counselling& Health Services (CCHS), an integral part of the Institute, is a student support service intended to help students adapt and make the best of their learning environment. It is common knowledge that when students have problems that are unresolved, it reflects in their attendance, academic performance and ultimately in their personality development. The Centre therefore attempts to provide a nurturing environment wherein each student is empowered to face life challenges and move ahead to achieve their academic goals.


The Centre aims at helping students to make proper adjustments in academic pursuit and improved quality of life. The counsellors motivate and support the students to regularly attend classes and to prepare for the exams systematically. Guidance and Counselling in our Institute is a professional activity based on certain well-accepted principles


To provide counseling and health services in an accessible and nurturing environment that recognizes the unique needs of the student community.

• To accompany students in the various phases of their lives.
• To support the students in their academic and social pressures

The Counselling Centre with fifteen counsellors, two Medical Officers and an experienced nurse interact with and render their support to the students to deal with their academic, social and personal challenges.
from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm on weekdays and 9.00 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

Every batch of students has a student counsellor assigned to ensure their academic and personal well- being. Students have free access to the dedicated counsellors at any time while in the Institute, to overcome their personal and psychological stress in learning and other related areas. The Centre for Counselling& Health Services (CCHS) functions

Major Activities

Induction Counselling :During the Induction Counselling, counsellors introduce the newly joined students to the system by briefing about the Assessment Pattern, Dress Code and Discipline, Importance of Attendance, Information regarding various centers and activities. This is also an interactive process through which new students and their parents/ guardians are oriented to the Campus Culture and Academic Practices followed at the Institute.

Personal Counselling : Counselling is offered in an unconditional, non-judgemental and confidential manner, to students walking in seeking help with Personal & Academic difficulties. The counselling process involves both voluntary approach by the students and summoning of the students by the counsellor. Regular student-counsellor interactions enable inclusiveness to the student life at the Hindustan Institute of Capital Market. The Counselling Centre facilitates the development of remedial systems for students whose inadequate motivational factors have kept them away from achieving their potential. Students can approach the counsellors for solace with any problems.followed at the Institute.

Major Activities

Academic Counselling: The counselling team collaborates with the academic departments to identify slow learners and less motivated students and to arrange remedial tutorials and peer- learning. After the announcement of the Semester results,counsellors meet students who have not performed well in their End Semester Examinations. This is to assess their study habits and areas of difficulty and to help them overcome theseissues efficiently. They are also encouraged to practice effective time management and assimilate better study skills. Counsellors also regularly monitor their attendance. Abstinence from classes, whichis seen as unhealthy, is attended to promptly by thecounsellors and the students are encouraged to participate with more academic rigour.

Other Initiatives: Psycho Educative Sessions The Centre conductsthree tofive interactive sessions for all the first year Undergraduate Students in order to equip them to handle this new phase of their lives. Relevant issues of youth like managing time, relationships, self-esteem, body image and awareness on reproductive health, addictions, HIV –AIDS are addressed.

Interactive Sessions & Awareness Programmes: Is an effort to improve the psycho- social competence of students ,programmes are organized on topics like, Personal safety, Addictions, Anger Management, Managing Emotions,FosteringRelationships etc. These sessions provide an open platform for students to share their opinions and experiences with regard to a variety of issues, which influence their health and well-being. The goal of these sessions is to equip them with better skills for adaptive and positive behaviour.

The Centre also creates awareness on substance abuse and its ill effects twice a semester by inviting medical professionals, recovering addicts and members of Alchoholics Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous to have frank and open discussions with the youth and keep them away from such addictive behaviour.

The Centre also conducts awareness sessions on issues of topical interest like Stress Management during examinations, awareness on seasonal sicknesses like Dengue and flu

Services for International Students: The team at the Centre for Counselling and Health Services attempts to provide a warm and congenial atmosphere for its foreign students, especially when they are homesickand have language difficulty. Along with the International office CCHS orient them to the institutional and academic policies. Counsellors also reach out to them by participating in their fellowship gatherings so that they feel comfortable to approach the counsellors in times of need. The Counsellors work individually with these students to ensure that they understand assessment patterns, teaching methodologies and the expected code of conduct on campus. The Counsellors also guide them in local etiquette and give them pointers that would help them outside campus, so they are not taken advantage of.

Peer Education: The CCHS has designed various programmes with the view of fulfilling the vision and mission of the Institute. Two batches of peer educators are trained every year in order to reach out to the youth more effectively.

The course which is conducted as optional elective course which carries 2 credits and is offered to Second year under graduate students. They enroll in the courseby filling in an application form which includes a statement of purpose. Shortlisted candidates are called for an interview to assess their motivation, leadership qualities & commitment to the course.

The selected students undergo 35 hours of formal training sessions on topics like Life Skills,Reproductive Health and Personal Safety. The methodology includes lectures, role plays, group discussions, interactive sessions, group projects field trips. They also have weekly mentoring sessions and practice sessions under their respective mentors.

Trained peer educators deliver formal and informal sessions in their own classes on the topics like relationships, reproductive health, substance abuse, personal safety etc. The uniqueness of this programme is that the peer educators themselves are empowered to handle their lives better and make appropriate choices and decisions for themselves. They serve as role models to their peers.

It helps them increase their knowledge and have a clear understanding on the topics covered. Further it enhances their interpersonal relationships, communication skills and most all the confidence to interact with a cross-section of people. The students who attend the Peer Education classes find the topics relevant and effective. It also helps them develop positive attitude and have clarity on the topics covered.

Parent Meetings: The Department in collaboration with IQAC conducts two meetings with two twice a year with a comprehensive representation of parent members, the management, faculty representatives and the counsellors in order to review the activities of the Institute and discuss the concerns of major importance. Prospective plans are also shared in the meetings.

Services for Students with Special Needs: The team at the CCHS helps the management identify students from economically weak backgrounds in order to provide services like free accommodation, scholarships or concessions in fees. Differently-abled children receive individual support from the Counsellors,starting from the time of admission and extending through their course. The counsellors work with the Examination Office to obtainfor thesestudents, privileges during exams like language exemptions, extra time, scribes, exclusive and easily accessible exam halls etc.

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